Teddy bear costumes


Teddy bear costumes seem to have come into popular demand recently, perhaps as a break from the cheap 3 piece costumes in a bag, that so many retailers offer these days.
The advantange of making your own is 2 fold.
Firstly you can always source better materials than a manufacturer who is mass producing and working to a tight budget.
The size and fit of the final suit will not be a problem as you can constantly change and twiddle about with sizing. Just try doing that with one of those cheap costumes out of a pack. There’s not an inch to spare and if you took a needle and thread to them, they might not survive your stitching.

Instructables show marvellous images and steps to your first creation. One idea that keeps appearing again and again is to actually buy a large size teddy bear and take all the stuffing out.
This works so well because you are getting all the trimmings etc as part of your purchase. Sometimes these trimmings can add a beautiful final touch. The only thing to watch out for is to make the head opening big enough for you (or your child) to fit into.

Some trendy bears at the top the marekt today are charlie bears and can be seen on typical retail, sites such as

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