Angel costume accessories


If you are planning on purchasing an angel fancy dress costume to wear at a party, it is important to choose the right accessories to match. You want your character to look as authentic as possible, which is why you have to add a little flair to it. Without the frills, your costume may end up as a fancy dress flop.

An angel fancy dress costume is stunning enough on its own, but without the right trimmings it is just a dress and nothing more. Add the appropriate accessories and the outfit comes to life.

What accessories are available and how do you go about choosing them? There is a huge and amazing range available for every conceivable type of angel fancy dress costume. There are angel wings in various shapes and sizes, wigs of all lengths, colours and styles, footwear, jewellery, masks, halos, gloves, stockings and cosmetics. Other accessories of a general nature include hairpieces, bracelets, rings, anklets, belts and pendants. While this is great, it’s also important not to go overdo it. Just get enough to boost your outfit and the rest will work itself out. As they say, less is more. Although angels do not traditionally carry handbags, you may find it necessary on your night out to have something to hold those little essentials. Choose the smallest bag you can manage, made from satin or silk and, if liked, covered with beads (to represent the Pearly Gates perhaps?).

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  1. Andrew L. says:

    I think that the only major accessories necessary for an angel costume are the wings and the halo. Of course the wings should be white and the halo should be in either yellow or silver. An angel holding a wand? hmm I don’t think that comes along with an angel outift. I think if you’d do that, you’d turn out to be Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. he he