Men and women can wear an angel costume


Today you can choose from a huge range of styles for your Halloween costume party. Sometimes the choce is hard because of the appealing options. Something cute or something scary? Do you want to dress up as your favorite character, or go for something original? A safe choice is to go as an angel.

Angel costumes are good for the following reasons. Firstly an angel costume is particularly appealing. It’s probably to do with white feathered costume wings really that evoke spirituality. Also it doesn’t take much cash to create. All you need is the wings. Then, you can tweak things to suit. How about a halo? Not mandatory, but if you splash out a little, you should add this little extra.

It will add the finishing sparkle to the costume. Although traditionally the white angel costume is the most popular, it isn’t your only option.

If for example your child likes angels, then consider an child angel costume. Really just smaller versions of adults style, but the one exception that only adults could wear and that is the Sexy angel costume. Hardly something a child would wear anyway. Angel costumes for kids are far more innnocent and dont show off too much skin.

Lets say you want to dress as an angel, but want to look different, there is the dark angel costume range. In place of
the white clothing, you can make it totally black. Altenatively, you could make it a dark, blood colored red, which is becoming more popular. Finally there is the gothic look.With this selection, wear black eye makeup. Adding black lace would make this costume stand out by a mile.

Men however, are not forgetten in this new wave of fashionable halloween. Women aren’t the only people who can wear an angel costume. Men actually look great in them as well.Take a look at the old paitings. Many were male. So women need not be the only ones to turn into angels! There isn’t a big step between a female and male outfits except that the male version will have a less clothing. Often, the sexier version will just have the wings, halo, and some small white briefs. What an entreee for an adult party.

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  1. Vicky says:

    For me, Halloween is one of the perfect famous holidays. I’m a big horror film fanatic, I love sweets, and I really love dressing up. During Halloweens I always come up with my own costume ideas and creating them is really fulfilling. By the way, this year’s Halloween, me and my hubby are gonna play Devil & Angel, where I would be playing the good one and him the bad one. It’s going to be classic sexy!