large size angel costumes


Fuller figure angel costumes can be purchased from specialist retailers and the easiest way to find these is to search on-line. One advantage to buying from the internet is that you can try on outfits in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Browsing the internet, I have found a very good selection of fuller figure fancy angel dress. One of these is a pretty angel costume to fit sizes 14-18 (UK dress size).

This consists of a white mini dress with see-through net sleeves and feather trim on the shoulders, cuffs and hem. Matching wings and halo are also available and, of course, these will fit any size. Another example I came across was a dark angel costume, which consists of a flatteringly cut black dress (black is slimming as we all know), with matching black halo and impressive wings. White or black fishnet tights or stockings are available in large sizes, to complete your outfit. If your “fuller figure” is due to pregnancy, however, you can even buy a maternity angel costume, which includes a dress specifically cut to fit pregnant women.

Plus size angel fancy dress is cut generously, so that the costumes are accessible to everyone, no matter what their size or shape. So, whether you need an XL or XXL angel fancy dress costume, there is no reason why you should not be able to find a beautiful outfit to fit.

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