Angel costumes for halloween


This Halloween, there is an even greater choice of fancy dress available than ever before. This means that there is no excuse for predictably dressing up as a witch or vampire yet again. However, it can be very difficult to decide on a costume, given the bewildering range of outfits to choose from. So here’s a suggestion — why not dare to be mischievous and naughty and dress up as a dark messenger in a devil red or black angel costume? There are some fantastic outfits around at the moment and fallen angel costumes are among the sexiest around!

If you have difficulty in deciding whether to be naughty or nice, then a double trouble angel fancy dress costume will show your true colors. The costume represents the balance between good and evil and a dual personality. This outfit is available on line in both child and adult sizes and consists of a half devil half angel “Marabou” trim dress with bell sleeves, half devil half angel glitter wings and a halo/horn headband. The devil side is the left half of the costume, which is in red and the angel side (which is white, of course) is the right half.

If Gothic is your thing, then you could dress up as a skull angel. I have seen a wonderful Gothic skull dark angel costume, which includes a black dress with silver lacing at the front and a tattered skull printed skirt, a headband with mini skull detailing around a black halo and black sheer wings. Matching accessories include a skull wand and opaque black stockings also with skull detailing. This angel costume would be fabulous teamed with black lace-up boots and elbow length black gloves.

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  1. jean says:

    My little daughter of 3 was watching a cartoon on tv. The next thing i know is that she is frantic for me to get her an angel costume. She must be associating very strongly with the angel character. Amazing how even a child of that age is seeking identification., She is simply not interested in anything to do with wars or fighting.


  2. Sandy says:

    Who says only humans get to enjoy Halloween? In our place, we are coming up with a Halloween party where our favorite pets get to come along. I am going to be in an angel costume, complete with the halo and and wings, and guess what, my shih-tzu dog will be wearing a red devil outfit with the tail and the horns. We are going to be really cute couple he he !