Angel costumes – bigger range than before


If you want to display your rebellious streak, then you will really stand out in the crowd in a full-length silver coloured fallen angel costume, available for hire or purchase through the internet. This is one of the most beautiful angel fancy dress outfits I have seen and could easily double up as an evening gown. The clever thing about this dress is that the wings are attached by sliding the metal wires at the end of the wings directly into two thin discreet slots (one for each wing), sewn into the inside of the back of the dress.

Therefore, if you want to wear it minus wings, it is easy to do so. The wings themselves are huge, amazing creations and the silver coloured rose halo could double as a tiara for an evening function. This is not a cheap costume, costing in the region of 200 dollars, but is well worth it in my opinion, as it looks very classy and is so versatile.

So, there’s no excuse for donning that tired old Freddie Krueger mask or Dracula’s fangs. Have fun instead in a fallen angel fancy dress costume this Halloween!

Do you recall that it you got when Freddie first appeared and frightened us to death? Well I guess these new costumes now make it possible to inflict that suprise on others, if you are feeling particularly develish this halloween. It certainly will not be for want of choice of a suitable frightening outfit.

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  1. ANITA says:

    Angels and devilS in the same breath. What Turn has halloween taken. I dint think angels quite fit into this category.Lets keep them sweet and innocent.


  2. Frederick says:

    I was in a pre-Halloween party last night. I was dressed up as Jason, wore a cool metal mask, torn up jeans and shirt, and then smothered my ripped off shirt with some hot sauce and voila! fake blood. Pretty cool eh?

  3. alan says:

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