Tinkerbell costumes for your daughters party

tinkerbell costume

tinkerbell costume

Tinkerbell party ideas

Tinkerbell is the little Fairy from the Peter Pan story, well known for her magic fairy dust. She is the most poular fancydress outfit for girls. You can create many coist effective and ideas for this theme. J.M. Barrie, who wrote the original story and called it Peter and Wendy. He said she was a tiny fairy who fixed pots at home and a person who does this is called a tinker.

Making Invitations

Buy a roll of Tinkerbell stickers to make party invitations. Place the stickers on a piece of stiff paper and fill in details of your party. EG.who the party is for, the time and date, the address and an RSVP with a phone number. It’s important to remember the RSVP so you will know exactly how many guests to expect and how much food to prepare.

Party Supplies

You can buy Party Supplies from an online party supplier and decorate with fairy decorations. Balloons, a Pinata, party plates and napkins are more than enough to make to set the scene. Kids love bright colors and balloons when they arrive. Use pictures of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, Nana the dog, The Lost Boys or any of the characters to decorate.

Tinkerbell Party Favor

Buy some packs of stickers with Tink on them to give each of your guests. You can find free printable coloring pages on the web and all you just print them out! These coloring pages will work a party favor…just add some crayons to a goodie bag and your favors are complete. Free printable Tinkerbell coloring pages are a great way to keep the kids happy.

Never Never Land Game Ideas

Dream up a couple of party games like Pin the Wand on The Fairy, similar to pin the tail on the donkey, always a popular kids game! Take the old classic games and add a little twist. Musical chairs, Freeze Dance and Treasure Hunt are sure to keep kids enjoying themselves.

Birthday Party Cake

Bake a Tinkerbell Cake using a cake topper. Bake your cake, frost it and put the cake topper on top. You can also find cupcake rings to put on top of cupcakes. Cupcakes are much easier than cake at a kids party. Find a cake pan with the shape of your party theme to bake your cake in. All your little visitors will be thrilled to see their Fairy on top of the cake! Put someĀ  Fairy dust on your cake too…it’s just sparkling sugar.

Free Printable Birthday Banner

A good idea for a party decoration is a printable birthday banner. Find them online or cut letters out of stiff paper tape or glue it onto a party streamer.

Lastly Fairies Can Fly!

Hang Tink’s picture on some helium balloons so Tink can fly around the room. It’s very easy to add some extra fun to your party ideas with the help of balloons, and they are sinmple to use in many different ways. E.g.Tied to chairs, use them as a centerpiece, let them free float around the room with strings hanging from them.

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