Angel costume for children this Halloween

kids angel costume

kids angel costume



The options and styles available for kids and adults increases every year and this year is no exception. Sizes start from those just learning to walk and come complete with halo and wings. Extras are easily added to give that little extra sparkle. For example the wing feathers or the different types of magic wands. This season sees the introduction of a dark angel costume for teen age girls following on from the ladies trend for black.

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  1. margaret says:

    I love what they are offering in costumes these days. We had mostly to make our own. Now the industry is very skilled at recreating what i always wanted to wear as a chiild. I particularly like the halos. The shiny fabrics are wonderful to wash.

  2. Jackeline Halley says:

    Last year’s Halloween my niece was clad in an angel outfit. She was 4 years old then and really looked adorable with the wings, halo and wearing that cute little white flowing dress. I think she got the most treats as other kids she went around with were all freaky looking ones. He he he.

  3. Steven says:

    I was surprised to read recently that adult fairy costumes are the bigger seller. When i think of angels i always think of younger people. But it seems the industry is now also catering for the plus sizes so that all women can become pure and innocent. Perhaps it is this thought that drives the market and why should anybody be excluded?


  4. david h. says:

    I often set up childrens parties and these sites usually give me some great ideas. I like it when there are suggestions for games because i can adapt and use them for my gigs. Alwats adds a fresh appeal.

  5. Arnold says:

    My memory takes me back to my second year at primary school where kids were rehearsing fro a pantomime with angels in the play. It was quite spectacular seeing all the kids dressed up as angels. I don’t know why but that is the memory that stays with me forever, even though angels are not part of my religion.


  6. Arnold says:

    I know for a fact the materials today are far better than in the past for costumes. Lycra is thin but very stretchy and fits all body shapes. IN the past woven fabrics looked ok but could never have given body shape and comfort.
    But then again you’ve got to have a good shape to start with or their is no disguise,
    Sorry ladies


  7. Clark says:

    Having been attached to the church i feel that the moral value angels offer us are hijacked by commercialism. There is an innocence that shoudl not be tapped not for the sake of a commercial celebration whether that be halloween or christmas. Just pcik characters that are entirely created and use those for the film and tv promotions and leave other things in their own spheres, untouched.


  8. agetha says:

    I am enchanted when i see little ones dressed up as angels. I simply adore them and cvant; help noticing how their behaviour changes when they wear a costume . Suddenly they become more angelic and more graceful. Isn;t it funny how quickly they pick up things from role models?


  9. jean brown says:

    Just walked past one of these adult dress shops and what was in the window? Yup, a fully outfitted angel with halo.
    Never see that before. I guess that’s what sells at halloween even in adult shops