Sprinkle some magic on your party


Since 1954, the Walt Disney version of Tinkerbell has been the hostess of the majority of the corporation’s live-action programming, cementing her place as a pop culture icon. In turn, the fairy’s now-classic outfit of green dress and fairy wings has become a staple of all sorts of fancy dress events, popular with both young girls living out their dreams of being fairies and older women wanting to look both demure and sexy.

For little girls, Tinkerbell costumes are so much more than a fancy dress fair outfit. Just as Peter Pan – the boy that never grew up – is the hero of millions of young boys, Tinkerbell is the female counterpart. Mischievous, caring and magical, dressing up in a Tinkerbell costume encourages girls to let their imaginations run riot. She combines the naughtiness of children with the sense of loyalty and responsibility that all parents want to teach their youngsters, much more than Wendy, who is old before her time, and not the sort of fun character that girls want to aspire to be like.

So the Tinkerbell fancy dress costume is the perfect outfit for any children’s party or fancy dress event. If your little ones are going to a friend’s party, a well-designed fairy costume will make them the toast of the party. Fancy dress is the ideal way to encourage your children to have fun and use their imaginations. Nowadays children are more inclined to ask for a new games console or DVD than a toy or fancy dress costume. Even the Walt Disney corporation seems to be putting greater emphasis on computer games and electronic equipment for children rather than toys.

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