Angel costumes for the school nativity play


Angels are often forgotten at Christmas. They play a traditional role in the Nativity alongside 3 the wise men.
To play the role of Arch Angel Gabriel in the Christmas play is an honour. If your child is playing the part, you might want to think now about a suitable angel costume.
To help you get started take a look at the current interpretations of this old classic outfit.

You can choose by budget or style and you will be sure to find exactly what you want. In fact the market has developed to also include adults sizes. You should expect to be offered a complete ensemble including halo, wings as well as the fancy dress costume itself.

Angel costumes

Angel costumes

Apart from Christmas angel costumes are a popular choice for children’s parties at birthday or halloween time.If yo are handy with a needle and thread you can even tweak them to suit the occasion.

Watching television you will be aware of the vast range of characters children follow. But at the traditional times, tried an tested themes remain as popular as ever and this is why the angel costume will remain a perennial.
Your child will relate to it from the decoration on top of the Christmas tree to school plays to Tinkerbell in Peter Pan and those are the influences that will see it be around for a long time.

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