Angel costumes with that extra touch


Moving more upmarket in the niche of angel costumes is the heaven sent range of designs. Floating on air is how they market their new range, using delicate chiffons and satins to achieve the effect. Even the wings and halos have a trim of gold around the edging.

Extra accessories help to accentuate the look, such as handbags. Well selected shoes and make up will complete the effect. Take a look at glittering varieties on offer. Finalize things with a nice wig.

If you learn how to use make up well, you can achieve an effect of a glowing angel, together with glitter rouge.If you use this with eyeshadow in a subtle way, you will achieve the heavenly look.

List up halo accessories on your screen. Some people prefer a silver tiara . Either will compliment to your ensemble. Size should not limit your search for an angel fancy dress.

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